Avaaz : A Global Civic Organization

The world we are living in has faced a great transformation. Between people today, there exists a ridge that in a way, is inexplicable. Formed in 2007, Avaaz aims at changing the course of the world by promoting global activism. It has risen at a young age to become the world’s greatest network of activism.

Corruption, poverty, climate change, conflict, human rights, and animal rights are the common global issues today. The organization works to reach people all over the world, with an urge to respond to these issues. The society today needs a voice to speak up for those chocked in conflict and other difficulties. The very basis of Avaaz is built on the meaning of “voice” according to most of the European languages, as well as Asian and Middle east languages. To know more click here.

With a worldwide team, it is able to settle cases that raise concern to the public. This is made possible by its online community which has effectively enabled the sorting of new issues via a lightning response. The world undoubtedly suffers. It suffers from a serious level of ignorance. The gap that exists between people is what robs the world of transformation to a better tomorrow. The organization, therefore, has a strong mission to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere wants. Everybody will definitely yearn for a better world where there exist correlation and understanding; the world that is better than what we have. Avaaz unites idealists with such dreams and visions.


Revealing a Hidden World with The Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is a former CNN correspondent who switched careers to chase his dream of becoming an artist. He attended Cornell University and later he received a full ride scholarship to the London School of Economics. While Mr. Levitt was studying there, he earned his Master’s degree in International Relations. He went to work for CNN as a foreign correspondent but felt like something was missing, so he quit his job, boarded a Greyhound Bus, and began to chase his dream of becoming a musician, and The Greyhound Diaries was born.

The Greyhound Diaries

Mr. Levitt first got the initial idea for The Greyhound Diaries when he started chasing his music career. He boarded a Greyhound bus and saw all types of different people struggling to get by. He wanted to record their stories and struggles and began doing so under the name The Greyhound Diaries. It started with a six-week bus ride in 2004 and has been ongoing ever since. Doug Levitt was fascinated by this culture he found on the Greyhound buses, and he admits that the buses are seen as a last resort for most people as a form of transport. As of late 2016, Doug Levitt has racked up over 120,000 miles crisscrossing the United States for his project. He has seen parts of the United States most people don’t realize exists and has taken over 20,000 pictures documenting the everyday life of individuals struggling to survive.

A Therapeutic Ride

Doug Levitt stated that riding the Greyhound bus and opening up to strangers about his father’s suicide helped him heal. He claims that talking about your issues or problems help to resolve them, and there is no better place than a Greyhound bus because you see all kinds of people. A few of the people that he met stand out in his mind for making the biggest impact were an army veteran who carried the guilt of his friend not coming home, a grandmother who survived trauma only to turn to drugs before turning her life around again to become a counselor, and a Marine who suffered from panic attacks.Mr. Levitt offers an unflinching look into the world that is often forgotten by mainstream America. He will continue to make people think long after this project has wrapped up.

Thor Halvorssen’s Critique of Socialism

Many people have had a lot of trouble digesting all of the information and argumentation that has come through the 2016 Presidential Election. Sometimes it seems like drinking from a fire hose. On the other hand, it can also seem as though everything is so shallow. Many politicians will offer a surface presentation of a controversial political issue and act as though there is no latitude. The presentation of socialism by Senator Bernie Sanders is perhaps one of the most obvious examples of this. In this video, Thor Halvorssen argued that there is a lot of latitude to socialism. He suggested that surface presentations are wildly misleading.


Easily Corrupted

Socialism is classically presented as a solution to corruption. Since there is so much greed in Wall Street, we need to put them in their place. The government needs to swoop in and moderate everything to ensure that the rich do not become outrageously wealthy while the poor are starving. There are a few obvious problems with this. Most importantly, this lends far too much power to the government. This is a classic example of what is known as “big government.” It is far too simplistic to say that we should give the government all of the power so that they can solve all of the national problems.


The reason that the United States has the system of government that it does is that it prevents corruption. There may be some corruption, but there are layers through which they corruption needs to penetrate. In a socialistic model, with all of the power consolidated at the top, it is extremely easy for the government to be corrupted. Bernie Sanders may be a fine gentlemen, but what will happen when the next socialist comes in to office? What if he or she is not so kind-hearted? A nefarious individual would make for a nefarious government. A socialistic model bends to the will of the government, whether that government is malevolent or not.
But in a Republic, such as the United States, the federal government remains small, delegating authority to the states, hence making corruption far more difficult.

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