The Best of Brad Pitt: A Famous But Underrated Acting Talent


Brad Pitt has certainly captured the audience with some pretty dynamic and iconic Brad Pitt movies. Pitt first gained recognition starring in Thelma and Louise alongside Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. A very young Pitt was introduced as a cowboy hitchhiker. Legends of The Fall and Interview with A Vampire were also two movies that helped Brad Pitt’s career. In Interview With A Vampire, Pitt starred alongside Tom Cruise and demonstrated very Oscar worthy acting talents. More recently, Brad Pitt starred alongside Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The audience loved the duo together and later on, they had children together and got married.


Brad Pitt displayed another critically acclaimed performance as a detective in Seven, which also had a fantastic movie theme song. After Seven, Pitt again reclaimed recognition for 12 Monkeys. This film earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and an Acadamy Award nomination. He has also received yet another Academy Award Nomination for his role or The Curious Case if Benjamin Button in 2008. Pitt has proved to be more than talented and still appears in t.v. spots as well as movies. Brad also has produced movies such as 12 years a Slave and Departed.

POP TV’s Guilty New Pleasure

If you were (or still are), a fan of daytime and primetime soap operas of the 80’s and 90’s, then Queens of Drama is worth checking out! Airing on POP TV, the reality show follows a group of real-life soap opera actresses as they attempt to develop and produce a new primetime serial drama for television. Their ultimate goal is to successfully land a pilot deal by the end of the season. Starring in the docu-series are a slew of familiar faces from some of the most popular and loved shows of the 80’s and 90’s. It stars Vanessa Marcil (General Hospital, Beverly Hills 90210, Las Vegas), Hunter Tylo (The Bold and the Beautiful), Chrystee Phariss (Passions, General Hospital), Lindsay Hartley (General Hospital, Passions, Days of Our Lives), and Donna Mills ((Knots Landing, General Hospital, Melrose Place). Joan Collins of “Dynasty” fame, is also slated to guest star on the series. All of the actresses on the show play a fictionalized version of themselves combined with who they are in real-life. Not surprisingly, as these women attempt to work together, drama and pure cattiness ensue. Episodes have such catchy titles as: “I Don’t Do Ugly,” and “Dealing with a Sociopath.” Soap opera fans who long for the return of some of their favorite long-time stars should find Queens of Drama a sheer delight.

Emmy-nominated Crystal Hunt, who played villain Stacy Morasco, on One Life to Live also stars on the Queens of Drama. She’s an original cast member, and she has been on the show since it premiered in April of 2015. In fact, interviews have shown Hunt’s character ends up pitted against famed primetime soap actress Joan Collins, as the series progresses. She also goes up against Donna Mills on the show (after initially asking her for advice) as well as some of the other soap actresses.

Crystal Hunt recalled on Facebook she began acting as a child in commercials. She was later cast as Lindsay Spaulding on Guiding Light, a role which landed her a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2005. She went on to star in One Life to Live.