Betsy DeVos: Committed to Ensuring a Better Future for America’s Children through Philanthropy and Education Reform

Every society’s children are seen to be its future. Consequently, their minds must be properly shaped and molded to conform to the way of life in the society but also prepare them to advance the society in future. This is a complex undertaking that requires a well-structured education system. While the United States has one of the most progressive education systems in the world, it still has a number of shortcomings. Fortunately, however, there exists a small group of individuals that are working to improve the system through reform and philanthropy. One such individual is Betsy DeVos. The famed education reformer and philanthropist has for the last three decades given her time and money to help thousands of children across the country access an education of higher quality.

Betsy DeVos Involvement in education was a gradual but lasting process. While she was a parent to school-going children, she often visited a nearby school serving the low-income community in Grand Rapids, Porter’s House Christian School. At the school, she met and interacted with parents that were doing everything they possibly could on a daily basis just to ensure that their children have access to a quality education in a safe location. Moved by their stories, Betsy DeVos started supporting a few of the students attending the school by paying thro tuition fees. The number of students they support has steadily increased over the years as Porter’s House remains one of the biggest recipients of Betsy DeVos’s kindness.

However, Betsy DeVos soon realized that providing a few scholarships would not significantly alter the state of education in the country. Consequently, she took a more involved role in pushing for changes by becoming a reformer. During the 1990s she strongly advocated for the acceptance of tax-credit scholarships that would allow thousands of children in the country to have better educational options. At around the same time, she founded the American Foundation for Children (AFC) – an organization that promotes the benefits of school choice, especially for children from low-income families. The AFC has had numerous successes over the years including helping push for the adoption of a tax-credit scholarship program in Florida.

Coming from a conservative family, a bigger portion of the resources she has donated to the education system have largely gone to Christian schools. This stems from the fact that the DeVos family wants to promote both quality education among the youth, but also good values and morals that will see them successfully maneuver through adulthood. Additionally, having a philanthropic approach that is tailored to the DeVos’s values has ensured that she has remained motivated and committed to begin what she started even when the going gets tough.


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