Avaaz : A Global Civic Organization

The world we are living in has faced a great transformation. Between people today, there exists a ridge that in a way, is inexplicable. Formed in 2007, Avaaz aims at changing the course of the world by promoting global activism. It has risen at a young age to become the world’s greatest network of activism.

Corruption, poverty, climate change, conflict, human rights, and animal rights are the common global issues today. The organization works to reach people all over the world, with an urge to respond to these issues. The society today needs a voice to speak up for those chocked in conflict and other difficulties. The very basis of Avaaz is built on the meaning of “voice” according to most of the European languages, as well as Asian and Middle east languages. To know more click here.

With a worldwide team, it is able to settle cases that raise concern to the public. This is made possible by its online community which has effectively enabled the sorting of new issues via a lightning response. The world undoubtedly suffers. It suffers from a serious level of ignorance. The gap that exists between people is what robs the world of transformation to a better tomorrow. The organization, therefore, has a strong mission to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere wants. Everybody will definitely yearn for a better world where there exist correlation and understanding; the world that is better than what we have. Avaaz unites idealists with such dreams and visions.