Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was formerly known as Academy of Art College. The University is located in San Francisco, California and is privately owned. Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens and his wife, Clara and started as the Academy of Advertising Art.

Later in 1951, Richard was succeeded by their son Richard A. and then by his daughter, Elisa. The school capacity includes about 12,600 students with 283 and 1154 full-time teachers and part-time teaching staff respectively.

Currently, the schools claim to be the most significant art and design school which is privately owned in the United States of America. The school has a record of rate of 100% admission acceptance which is open to anybody who is interested. The school has the main campus located on the Montgomery Street, South of Market district.

The university announced the hiring of a new chief executive for the collection with the interest of opening its collection which would be set as a public museum. For the past years, the work of the academy has always been known open only to the students who studied car design and the restoration or even those who were involved in the appointment. The collection which had about two hundred and fifty cars involving only the pre-war vehicles would be a great venture if it would be set for public viewing. If some of those cars would be sold, then it would be a good idea since it would allow for new room for more contemporary vehicles which to the university leadership would even relate better to the work of the students at the university.

The university teaches both car design as well as car restoration program to many students. Prewar cars, for example, are evidence of coachbuilding techniques and great design. However, there is the need for the current students to keep focusing on the contemporary vehicles even as they design future cars.

According to Elisa Stephens, the collection is a significant advantage to the fashion-design students taking industrial design classes as well as those who end up becoming interior designers on completing their studies.