Growing Your Wealth with the Advice of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly, one of the greatest investors on Wall Street, has completely changed his course. What is it? His course is no longer about who can make the rich even richer, but this is about helping people. Paul Mampilly is now focused on building second career, and it rests on the foundation from his first career.

Paul Mampilly rose to fame on Wall Street as a successful portfolio manager. Now he is publishing his knowledge, and helping people learn the basics and more advanced techniques of how to increase their wealth. His avenue for publishing? Banyan Hill Publishing is dedicated to publishing information on finance, and Paul Mampilly’s newsletter is how he delivers his free information on how to invest and grow your wealth.

Publishing his newsletter gives him the ability to reach more people at once. His career was rooted in aggressive investment tactics on Wall Street. That is now no longer what he cares about. His advice is now spread among the general population, rather than helping the 1% get richer. His belief is that you can spread the wealth, rather than secluding people from doing better and having more.

How did he start? Paul Mampilly didn’t start out on Wall Street. His upbringing in rural India didn’t set the stage for a highly successful career. Although he is now successful, he had to do the work to get there. After graduating from college, he had his sights set on Bombay. Although this is India’s largest city, he was still challenged in his finances.

It was in 1974 that he took his family to Dubai, with hopes of a better future. Relocating here during this time was a wise decision. Dubai had just discovered oil and the economy was exploding with wealth. Although his family were living better than they could have imagined, the best was yet to come. Earning a college degree, he went onto Montclair State University, receiving an MBA. He then chose to work on Wall Street, and thus his career began. After many years of success, he chose to teach the average American what he learned on Wall Street.

Adam Milstein and His Leadership Fulfillment in the IAC

Adam Milstein is indeed a man who is labeled as being one of the noblest individuals in modern-day society. Rather than solely speaking on his intentions to help society like so many other people usually do, he actually put forth the effort and committed in faith to executing decisions he felt would impact the world for the better. Moreover, with him being ingrained with the passion of business and philanthropy, it was destined for him to utilize the two aspects in combination to build an authoritative platform to spark change. Over time, he became a leader amongst those of the Jewish community by using his voice to highlight cultural issues and creating a foundation for the growth and distribution of nonprofit resources.

Certainly, those who are familiar with Adam Milstein and his backstory can conclude that he was most likely shaped by his upbringing in his native homeland of Israel. After fighting in the Yom Kippur War at the very young age of 19 in 1973, Milstein took it upon himself to earn his degree in Industrial and Business Management in 1978 from the Israel Institute of Technology and then his MBA in 1983 from the University of Southern California. With his two degrees, he began investing in a business career within real-estate. Being that he was extremely disciplined in dedicating himself to goals, Adam Milstein was able to work himself up from the position of sales agent to that of a managing partner for one of the nations’ most reputable real-estate investment companies—Hager Pacific Properties.

Nonetheless, after gaining substantial management experience as managing partner to such a large firm as Hager Pacific, Milstein then knew how to mirror that experience into his personal projects. Endeavoring within philanthropy, he chose to establish the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife in 2000 to help teach and provide cultural/career training for the youth in the Jewish community. Yet, his membership as chairman to one of the biggest nonprofit Pro-Israel organizations in the U.S.—the Israeli-American Council (IAC)—has perhaps resulted in the greatest benefit for the Israeli-American community. Since its founding year in 2007, Adam Milstein has worked diligently with the organization to help draw in partnerships with other non-profit organizations that wish to contribute to the mission of preserving the cultural identity of Israeli-Americans. In addition to executing their mission via the maintenance of a strong relationship between Israel and the Unites States, the IAC also strives to inspire acts of philanthropy among the Jewish community as well.

All About the Aloha Construction Company

Since opening its doors in 2008, Aloha Construction has been involved in projects all over Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. More than 18,000 projects have been completed by Aloha in a ten year span. The Lake Zurich based business not only builds homes and other structures, but can also repair storm damage in a region known for its bad and sometimes destructive weather.


One of the specialties of Aloha Construction is roof installation and repair. Their contractors can perform a nine-step inspection process to identify any damage to a roof that might need repairing. Not only can rain and snow damage shingles, but so can wind over time. Along with roofs, Aloha can also install new siding on a home or building. Along with enhancing a home’s appearance and raising the property value of a home, new siding can also provide protection against bad weather and help lower heating bills. Contractors from Aloha can also inspect gutters to make sure they are draining rain water and melt off properly. If that is not the case, they can repair them or install new ones. Other projects Aloha can perform include downspout system repair and installation and window and screen replacement.


Aloha Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured company with an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. All their contractors undergo rigorous training to install siding and perform other work. Work by Aloha comes with a ten year craftsmanship warranty. In 2017, Aloha received a Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

Ryan Seacrest: Entrepreneur, Host, Producer

Ryan Seacrest is the host of American Idol, which returned to ABC spring of 2018. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is an entrepreneur who has been a host and producer in radio and television. He is the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM. He has also been involved with hosting and producing of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the annual program Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest and E! Live from the Red Carpet. The radio show host has been involved in several entertainment and media companies. He has been involved with philanthropy, with his efforts having a major impact across the nation.

Ryan Seacrest Productions produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shades of Blue and Insatiable. RSP has produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a reality series which has won Emmy awards. The company RSP has also won Emmy awards.

Aside from the hosting and producing, he has a menswear collection. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is only sold at Macy’s. It’s a leading lifestyle brand that celebrates classic looks. It combines masculine signature, texture and color. This brand helps create coordinated looks for men. This brand has products such as tailored clothing, pants and sweaters. He also has a skincare line which he partnered with a dermatologist named Harold Lancer. Polished is a brand that was created for men. It helps take care of skin, which can help maintain youthful looks. Polished is a part of the Lancer Method, an anti aging method.

His involvement with philanthropy includes the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This organization entertains and educates kids. Their goal is to build media centers in pediatric hospitals, letting patients explore with media such as radio and television. This is to help keep patients entertained during hospital stays and healing processes.

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DAMAC Owner- Hussain Sajwani’s Career And Success In Real Estate Business

Hussain Sajwani is a visionary businessman and the owner of DAMAC Properties, a leading property development company in the Middle East. He is ranked as the tenth richest Arab in the world and often listed among the top 100 influential Arabs courtesy of his successful career in DAMAC properties. Sajwani intends to spread his business to Asia.

The DAMAC owner was born into a business family that ran a store that sold watches. He started helping in the family business after school hours when he was very young. He was among the first students that obtained a scholarship to study in the US.

While studying in the US, Hussain Sajwani started earning by marketing timeshare apartments. He graduated with an economics and Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Washington. He wanted to start his company but understood very well he needed to gain experience in running a successful business. So he started his finance career in a large gas and oil company in Qatar. According to, during the two years he worked in the finance department of the company, Hussain Sajwani was among the team that processed payment for contracts. Later on, he saw the need of starting his company and make more money with the business ideas he had.

After gaining experience working for the oil and gas company, Hussain Sajwani started his first business in 1982, a catering company. The business picked up fast and was among the leading catering companies with more than 200 active projects and serving more than 150, 000 meals per day. Today, the company serves people of Independent States, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2000, he saw an opportunity in the Real estate sector after the UAE opened the real estate sector. The DAMAC owner established DAMAC Properties that started developing rooms for hotels in Dubai.

Today, DAMAC Properties is a multinational company with over 2000 employees and offers services in the UK and countries in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC has been in operation for 15 years, and he gives his employees the freedom to exploit their potential. DAMAC Properties boasts of complete projects including 17,900 homes and 44,000 housing units.

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Equities First Holdings’ Success And Contributions Continues to Top the News

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a global lending firm for businesses and investors that provides a trusting, secure, and transparent process. Founded in Indiana, the firm has since expanded to thirteen countries during it’s sixteen years of service. EFH’s business model has adapted to economy evolvement and has achieved a 100% success rate in all of their transactions to date. The Daily Fox Report recently recognized EFH as a leader in the lending industry while other firms have been increasingly restricting their lending criteria.

Al Christy Jr., Founder and CEO of EFH, appealed to a wider market of borrowers by offering stock-based loans. Through this type of loan, the borrower will receive security through a fixed interest rate. EFH has popularized the stock-based loans, having found success with this type of loan by adhering to their principles of transparency, discipline, and integrity. EFH is anticipated be a leader in stock-based loans in Europe. The firm continues to make waves in the industry through its high-profile transactions. They key in on the natural financial cycles through the world, and continually contribute to the economy and environment by participating in transactions that benefits both.

Using Dr. Rohrich’s Cosmetic Surgery Methods

Many people would love to see improve certain parts of their bodies. Whether it is the face, the breasts, or the nose they are those who feel that just a slight alteration should do the trick in making them feel good about themselves. If you happen to stay in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, there is a renowned plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Rod J. Rohrich that help you with your cosmetic surgery needs. In some cases, you won’t need the surgery but just some simple injections to handle the issue.

Dr. Rohrich has been doing plastic surgery for a very long time and is a professor in the subject. He has his specialties in breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty. You can come into his office and get a free consultation that is in-depth with taking pictures of the areas that need to be worked on. At this time, you will be given a realistic assessment of how your results will look. If you need to ask questions, then use the consultation time to get a full understanding of what is going to happen. Dr. Rohrich is highly skilled and no two enhancements are alike because no two people are alike. So you will not look similar to anyone else after having the enhancement done. You are going to love the results of Dr. Rohrich’s work once he is done. The before and after shots are going to be incredible.

Dr. Rohrich does a symposium in how the procedures should be done. For example. He gives a thorough reason on why he likes to do open rhinoplasty. That is because from the open angle of the nose he can see the entire structure in order to reshape and alter the appearance safely along with great precision. He usually gets that type of procedure done right the first time. He really shows care and compassion when it comes to his clients.

You can get your plastic surgery done at his office too. Just call his office now for an appointment. You will not be sorry.

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Talos Energy Has A History Of Outperforming The Competition

The oil and natural gas industry is stronger than ever thanks to healthy demand from both existing and expanding transportation markets across the globe. One of the most up and coming oil and natural gas industries in the world right now is Talos Energy which has recently acquired Whistler Energy II. This will help add to their existing fleet of oil and natural gas reserves. Whistler Energy II is estimated to produce more than 1900 barrels of oil or oil equivalent per day and exceeding 690,000 barrels per year. This oil production is set to come from three separate reserves found in the Gulf Of Mexico. The acquisition was mutually beneficial for the two companies. Talos had recently gained rights to some seismic data that was recorded in the area of these three reserves which will allow them to better understand the full oil potential that each of the three areas contains. By maximizing the output in the Gulf, which is a relatively untapped resource basin compared to other more traditional oil and natural gas reserves, investors are able to see a better return on their investment which could help move future exploration forward.

This is not the first time Talos Energy has proved to be a valuable member in the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, in June of 2017, Talos Energy was awarded the “Discovery Of The Year 2017” award for what is being called the Zama Oil Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. This coveted award is designed to recognize both innovation and ingenuity in the oil and natural gas industry. This reserve is expected to pump out well over 2 million barrels of oil or oil equivalent throughout its useful lifetime. The award was voted on by more than 200 industry professionals with combined decades in experience. The oil and natural gas industry is constantly changing and requires agile companies like Talos Energy to constantly adapt to changing prices, markets and demand over time. Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Timothy S. Duncan. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “TALO”. etc

The Programmed Life of William Saito

William Saito is a Japanese American and former political strategist for Japan’s Prime Minister as a Cyber Security Expert. He is also the author of An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur documenting his early years developing his software company I/O Software. Eventually, William Saito would go on to sell his company to Microsoft.


Today technology is everywhere; smart appliances like refrigerators and toaster are expected to exceed computers in online devices in the next decade. In numerous articles, Mr. Saito talks about cybersecurity and stopping major online cyber-attacks before they happen with his thinking in crisis before the crisis mode. In an interview submitted to Forbes, William claims “It’s possible to do security with low overhead without having to sacrifice its measure of effectiveness. Implementing isn’t enough; it misses the critical component of risk management.” This is what has sparked his current efforts to safeguard companies and individuals from these risks while simultaneously prevent these issues in the future.


William Saito recommends that organizations prevent these types of attacks in the future by implementing Executive Chief Information Security Officers who report on board security risks. Companies should also hold cybersecurity training and education programs for all their employees. Regular cybersecurity simulations must be carried out which prepare organizations against potential crisis scenarios. Another key point Mr. Saito mentions is the fact that companies should have forensics and public relations experts to disseminate information to stakeholders regarding their cybersecurity. Lastly, Cyber insurance should be taken into consideration for all types of organizations as cyber threats become increasingly common.


Growing up in the mid-1970’s in Walnut, CA just a short distance from Silicon Valley, William Saito witnessed firsthand the rise of the phenomena of personal computing. Struggling in Math and Science, his parents took out a second mortgage on their home to buy him a top of the line computer to help him with tutoring. After taking it apart and rebuilding it, William familiarized himself with the components that make computers work. After learning the hardware, he proceeded to learn software programming using Visual Basic.


As time progressed, William Saito would go on to develop PC-based software programs that turned personal computers into fingerprint scanners for the company Sony. His software company I/O developed a way to extract the main features from fingerprints in order to simultaneously compare millions of fingerprints using this simplified data. This led to Sony releasing a small, portable fingerprint scanner with the I/O recognition software Mr. Saito developed. This software program would later earn William Saito the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1997.