Jim Toner’s Thoughts To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jim Toner is a man of many talents having enjoyed a large amount of success not only in the realm of real estate investment but also as a speaker, radio host and also a highly sought-after consultant. He is recruited to talk at different events all over the United States to talk about the state of real estate investment and to give his insights on how to do it in an intelligent way. Jim Toner has really sought over the years to develop a system that adds a level of user-friendliness to the real estate investment business so that everyday investors can feel like it is something that they can become involved in. Beyond his work in entrepreneurial endeavours, Jim Toner is an avid philanthropist who has a sincere commitment to helping America’s veterans as well as the homeless. At the moment, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) is working with private clients as well as working as a coach for larger groups.

Jim Toner, a real estate investor, is infamous for his get after it attitude and routinely starts his day at the early hour of 5:30 am. His morning routine generally involves clearing his mind before diving into the day. He is also dedicated to a regular fitness routine. Jim also listens to a lot of podcasts that are relevant to his business life while he is doing his morning work out. He also devotes time every day to work on whatever book projects he has going on.

According to Thrift Books, Jim Toner really has some great advice about how entrepreneurs can make their business ideas a reality. One of the biggest points of advice that he gives is that a lot of people think about business ideas or talk about them, but never go after it and make it happen. He likes to make a point to people that even business concepts that have been done before can still be brought to life in new and fresh ways. The thing you really have to remember if you want to get into business is that you just have to go out there and put in the work. This is how you make it happen.

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UK-Based Sightsavers Provides Sight Restoring Surgeries, Vaccines, And Treatment To African Villages And Abroad

Sightsavers Provides Treatment For Patients Without Access To Medical Care

When most think of chronic disease that affects the poorest of countries, they generally do not realize the ongoing suffering and pain that is associated. Additionally, often left unsaid are diseases that are not fatal, but that cause permanent damage to basic senses such as vision. Sightsavers is working to treat and hopefully eliminate this disease, as it has been eliminated in some countries.


Surgical Treatments Restoring Sight And Comfort

The disease is not ‘someone else’s problem’. It is a joint effort among nations to end suffering among humanity. It is at the very least, the ability to empathize with those who cannot even afford the basic essentials for life such as plain water. Sightsavers is a UK based organization that provides treatment to the affected individuals, vaccinations to prevent further infection, and additional resources such as sanitization education for further prevention measures.


Treatment And Prevention Of Trachoma

Sightsavers provide many services to these poverty-stricken countries. They have provided surgeries to restore sight in blind patients that have cataracts, treated the millions affected by trachoma; A disease that curls the eyelashes inward to an extreme that will eventually lead to irreversible blindness from scar tissue on the cornea. Early treatment and surgeries can prevent this from occurring.

Sightsavers Treats Billions Of Patients

Sightsavers has reached an impressive milestone in providing medications to prevent and treat tropical disease. Nigeria and Sudan among other countries across the world benefit from Sightsavers efforts. One of the avenues that the organization utilizes is enlisting the services of chosen villagers in the different communities. These individuals are trained in administering the vital medication, and are tasked with picking up deliveries, managing the medication, and finally delivering treatments and vaccines to every resident of the communities. Over One Billion people have been treated by Sightsavers, and counting.


Giving Of Themselves To Help Those In Need

From the surgeries performed to restore sight to procedures that revert the eyelashes to keep them from scratching the eye and inflicting pain, from essential vaccines administered to prevent epidemics and disease spreading to treating infected patients with medical care they desperately need, Sightsavers is on the frontlines of these communities selflessly administering life and sight-saving measures to help those in dire need who cannot help themselves.




Tapping into the Profitable Oil Industry

The oil industry has seen some huge improvements ever since supply of foreign oil has been steadily replaced by domestic. And now with the less restrictions coming to fracking one can only expect to see even more economic growth regarding oil and gas. With the tax breaks given to these company’s that produce natural resources including oil and gas have seen huge growth. And a program taking advantage of this is freedom checks. You may have heard about freedom checks on the radio or TV. They are program that allows company’s to take their tax cut and put it into a investment opportunity and therefore further allow investors to tap into the booming oil industry. And of course other natural recourse industries.

Freedom checks take advantage of these tax cuts by providing an alternative option for company’s to put their revenue where other than the governments hands. This takes the form of Maser Limited Partnerships or MLPs for short. MLPs are a unit of a company divided up that allows for an investor to buy that unit and take advantage of the company profitable industry. Investors see returns in the form of dividends that usually are from 6 to 9 percent in return rate.

The reason why freedom checks take hold of the tax cuts given to natural recourse company’s aren’t quite stated. However it could speculated is due to the tax free nature of these company’s and the very regulated and stable market they rely on. Due to having a secure market and stream of supply the returns to the investors wont fluctuate too much. For example you wont see a natural gas corporation suddenly go under. Its just no going to happen due to government regulation and safety nets put in place. Another reason is possible because these industries are like economic catalyst. So for a company to get a cut from tax’s and then go on to become a MLP is huge.

In order for these company’s to take part in the program they need to qualify in a few ways. They need to have 90 percent of income come from dealing with natural resources. This can take place in many forms such as storage, transportation, production and manufacturing. And after that they need to distribute freedom checks to their MLP holders, you the investors.