The Best of Brad Pitt: A Famous But Underrated Acting Talent


Brad Pitt has certainly captured the audience with some pretty dynamic and iconic Brad Pitt movies. Pitt first gained recognition starring in Thelma and Louise alongside Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. A very young Pitt was introduced as a cowboy hitchhiker. Legends of The Fall and Interview with A Vampire were also two movies that helped Brad Pitt’s career. In Interview With A Vampire, Pitt starred alongside Tom Cruise and demonstrated very Oscar worthy acting talents. More recently, Brad Pitt starred alongside Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The audience loved the duo together and later on, they had children together and got married.


Brad Pitt displayed another critically acclaimed performance as a detective in Seven, which also had a fantastic movie theme song. After Seven, Pitt again reclaimed recognition for 12 Monkeys. This film earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and an Acadamy Award nomination. He has also received yet another Academy Award Nomination for his role or The Curious Case if Benjamin Button in 2008. Pitt has proved to be more than talented and still appears in t.v. spots as well as movies. Brad also has produced movies such as 12 years a Slave and Departed.

Brian Torchin Is Working To Provide Hospitals With The Most Important Resource

Most people are well aware of the fact that hospitals require extensive resources. Most people tend to think about the medicine and technical equipment that’s used within the hospitals. But anyone who’s spoken with Brian Torchin will see that the most important resource in health care is actually the people providing it.

Brian Torchin began his professional life as a chiropractor. During that time he had a chance to see how the medical system operates, and to see where it could be improved upon. One of the most important realizations had to do with the way skilled medical professionals interacted with the organizations which needed their talents.

In theory it should be a simple process of matching need to skill. In reality, the medical system calls for a large skillset which can be difficult to precisely define. Torchin became aware of just how big an impact this has on both healthcare professionals and their patients. He decided to do something about it and founded HCRC Staffing.

According to Lulu, Brian Torchin designed HCRC Staffing as a way to ensure patients had the best possible healthcare. People are often shaped by the experiences they’ve had. Someone’s education, professional experiences, and even where they’ve lived can provide skills that might not be obvious at first glance.

Brian Torchin knew how important it was to help healthcare facilities really look beneath the surface of their potential employees to find the best match. At the same time, there’s a lot more to a medical position than a simple job description can convey.

HCRC Staffing also helps to expand upon job descriptions in order to help candidates get a better understanding of the special circumstances any given position might hold.

Basically, Torchin has made a career out of meeting the need for exceptional talent in the medical field. He began his chiropractic work out of a desire to help people. It led him to the realization that he could do even more by acting as a facilitator for that process. Torchin’s standards for his own work are understandably high.

By including himself and his employees in the hiring process he’s able to ensure that those high standards are met all over the world. People from a wide variety of countries are making use of his services in order to ensure that their pool of potential candidates is the best of the best.

Likewise, job applicants can be sure that they’ll be matched with healthcare facilities that will allow them to make a real difference in the lives of patients.

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Free investment advice from Brazilian investor, Igor Cornelsen

There are many people that dream of success in the word of investing. The ideas of the fields where one can invest successfully are endless; however, not all of them are as effective. This is perhaps the reason less than 5 percent of the humanity owns more than 90 percent of the resources in the world. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investor has been dealing with the world of investment for many years now and he claims that he understands the mistakes that people make when investing. He is currently working with a company known as Bridge Investments which is based in the Bahamas.

Igor Cornelsen started working with the company five years ago. One of the things that he says he noted about many potential investors is the fact that they usually have the zeal and the capital, but get stuck when it comes to selecting the ideal investment types for their situations. A large portion of the people did not have any idea where to start in their investment journey on He wanted to get these people together and help them create investment portfolios that would serve them well into their retirement and beyond.

He states that the first thing that made him start his journey to success was learning the secret of anticipating changes in the market before they did. For instance, before Brazil became part of BRIC, he had done his analysis and realized that it would become an economic powerhouse on This helped him make strategic investments that have led to the massive success that he is now enjoying, and the reason he was able to retire early.

The one piece of advice at, he wishes all new investors would heed is making sure that they have studied new markets before getting involved with them. Knowing the norms, customs and other societal nuances can give you a huge advantage in investing. The customs of a place affect their business to a great extent, and understanding them helps one make informed choices. When he is not working, Igor Cornelsen relaxes at home in Florida with his lovely wife and children. He is a true inspiration to the business community.

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The Amazing Strategic Leadership in Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP +B, where she is in charge of the company’s global expansion and growth, and oversees the coordination of nine international branches of the firm. Lori joined the firm in 2015, and is credited with impacting the culture and business style of CP+B. It is under her leadership that CP +B was recognized, by Advertising Age, as the “Creative Innovators of the Year“. Furthermore, in 2016, Advertising Age named Lori together with four others, as the Agency Executives to Watch.

Before her current position, Lori was MDC Partner Network’s CEO and president. While at MDC, Lori was charged with strategic management, and working with the management to fuel cross-collaboration, and growth throughout the network. Before joining MDC, Lori worked as CEO of KBS+. Under Lori’s leadership, KBS+ grew from a 250 employee agency working domestically, to an over 900 staff company with branches worldwide. Lori led the company to be regarded by Crain as among the “Best Places to Work in New York”. Under her leadership, KBS+ was featured for 3 consecutive years on the Advertising Age’s popular list of “Stand out Agencies”.

Prior to working for KBS+, Lori was the president of the NY office of McCann Erickson. She also worked at McCann Worldgroup as the Global Chief Innovation Officer. In 2013, the AWNY Game Changer Awards honored Lori, with a “Quantam Leap Award”, for innovation and leadership. In 2014, Lori was in the “Women to Watch” list of Advertising Age.

Senecal’s Article: Clueless or Subtly Strategic

In her article clueless or subtly strategic, Senecal outlines eight lessons that corporations can learn from celebrities who appear to be wayward. According to Senecal, these disaster-prone media icons translate simple acts into web-immortalized and hyper analyzed media moments. The following are the eight lessons derived from Senecal’s article:

  • Hiring a great stylist- Consumer brands with good stylistic win a great market share than those without.
  • Making a comeback- Consumers love turnarounds and cherish happy ever after stories
  • Explore multiple disciplines- Many film actors, are producers, directors, or own a clothing line
  • Drastically downsize- From losing weight, to investing in smaller versions of products
  • Associate with a sexy brand- When celebrities team up or brands come together, the payout is impressive
  • Adopt a cause- Senecal sites how even those celebrities involved in scandals are associated with a humanitarian cause- saving the environment, the poor, e.t.c.
  • Advertising is iconographic- For example, Britney means bottomless, Amy Winehouse is a crazy beehive, Apple’s logo of one bite e.t.c.
  • Parody means popularity- Negative publicity is no longer bad for business, in fact, controversy popularizes brands

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Doe Deere Breathing Life to The MakeUp Industry

What is easily accepted by the society is boring, and this is the same case for beauty. However, there is a niche of rebellious people who love everything that they have overly bright. To them, the definition of beauty is all about standing out and not blending in. According to Doe Deere, makeup is not only a way of enhancing your beauty or hiding your flaws, a great makeup should tell people who you are and that you are confident enough about your body.


By now everybody knows Doe Deere, the queen of Unicorns, for her makeup line, Lime Crime. Doe Deere has always had a passion for bright colors. Looking back at her sewing days, you will spot her in bright attires and almost always, she has a colorful wig to match her clothes. In the past, however, it was always difficult for Deere to get makeup that would match her bright choices of hair and clothes. She waited around and saw no company in the beauty industry willing to do it. So she took the opportunity to represent herself and those, like her, who love bright makeup but have no access to it. She decided to start a company that would produce the rare makeup.


In July, 2015 Doe Deere talked to Ideamensch and talked about her journey to having one of the most successful makeup lines. During the interview, Deere cited that she was inspired by her love of bright clothes which she used to make and wear during her sewing days. She wanted to create something for every one of her bright-colored clothes in her wardrobe. So the idea saw her start an account on EBay. He named the account Lime Crime. For four years, she would sell primers, brushes and eye shadows. In the year 2008, she decided to launch her company.


Launching Lime Crime was without hiccup, but of course she did have her fair share of discouragements. Many told her that there was no way she would succeed selling lipsticks online. But this only pushed her to strategize on how to make people buy. She decided that she would do what no other lipstick company had thought of doing, she would display the lipstick on lips so that one had a real idea of how it would look on them. This was instead of swatching the lipstick on a piece of paper. So far, it has been all good and Lime Crime has grown to produce unicorns and velvetines.