Fabletics Set to Open More Stores

Fabletics intends to open close to 100 stores within the next five years. The band’s seventh store is set to be open this spring. By being able to buy the clothes in person, the customers will have the chance to try on the clothes for a perfect fit. The clients will also be asked to join the subscription service of the brand. With this, they will be getting outfits each month at a discount. The amount of the outfits will be charged from the clients’ credit card. Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder, and co-CEO of JustFab, said the generally, the customers found the service helpful. He said this based on the number of people who liked the service versus those who had complained about it.

However, the company is looking to make sure that no complaints will be made by bettering the service. Adam said that it would also be important to give more information on the program and how it works.

Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics president of retail, said that the increasing number of stores had impacted sales positively. He added that even the online sales were doing better. The stores they intend to open will be located in strategic area, mostly where many customers can access. Gregg said that this would give customers the freedom to go to the store to fit in look for the fabric they want and later on shop online. The company also seeks to add more products in their store.

Kate Hudson is the company’s spokesperson. She emphasizes on the colors, low price ranges, and quick catalog. The business has moved from an online only to the opening store. The Fabletics store staff will be arranging the store in the 20th of every month, putting the latest products on display. This will attract even more clients.

Fabletics came up in 2013 co-founded by Kate Hudson and others. It provides appropriate and functional products. They have a range of products. Recently, they began stocking men’s wear. Clients like the outfits by Fabletics because of how trendy and affordable they are. They are good at business because they give first-timers great discounts. VIP members get the products at almost half the price, and shipping is free. To be a VIP all you have to do is do a short test so that Fabletics can know you better and be able to send outfits that suit you. During the months that you do not want to make a purchase, all you have to do is log in and skip. This is done within the first five days of the month. You can also return the products within 30days after shipping. At Fabletics you get value for your money.

Kenneth Goodgame’s Formula For Success

Kenneth Goodgame has more than made his professional impression in marketing, sales, and retail merchandising. As an extremely competent operations management leader, Ken’s focus is on creating high dollar excellence by combining original thought with smart business marketing strategies. By cultivating a more balanced corporate alignment, employee dedication, key performance data, and of course quality control, he knows all improve performance as well as prospects for the future.

Kenneth Goodgame’s natural leadership ability encourages growth through quality improvements, effective cost analysis, and his ability to move through shifts in the market while avoiding expensive stalls or mistakes. An ability to communicate one on one with others is a large part of his success, and hard work through the years makes up the rest. In very simple terms, when Ken takes on a mission things get done right, and business always improves.

In 2014, through Kenneth’s efforts, True Value appeared on national television for the first time in 10 years. Shortly thereafter, there was an 8% increase in store patrons, retail comps went up 4%, and a 9% increase in average ticket amounts was recorded. He was also responsible for the creation of “New at True Value” a 4 SKU end cap program that is supported by nearly 3,000 stores.

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Kenneth Goodgame has come a very long way in a competitive business. Surviving can be tough enough, but to thrive as he has really speaks well of him, and his drive to succeed. Since he shows no sign of slowing down, it should be interesting to see where the years to come take a man like him.

Raj Fernando’s Life and Career Background

Raj Fernando is an established bond trader who has founded two companies. In 2002, he founded his first company Chopper Traders, which he later sold to DRW Trading group. After selling Chopper Trader, he founded Scoutahead.com, a company that provides innovative communication technology solutions to its clients.

Chopper Trading was recognized as the fastest growing company in Chicago’s financial market. Its team of experts was respected for their experience and standard service. This was due to Raj Fernando’s unique skills in encouraging teamwork.

When recruiting new employees, Raj ensures that he picks a candidate who is passionate about his career. This is the reason why Chopper Trading did not face employee turnover. Some of the most critical skills Raj Fernando considers when recruiting include;

1. Implying the real picture of a company
When Raj’s hiring team attends job fairs, they ensure that they do not appear unapproachable by dressing in expensive attires. Selected candidates are taken around the company to familiarize with the working environment they will be operating in once they are hired. Raj says that their primary aim is to select a candidate who will retire from their company.

2. Taking time to gauge a candidates’ exceptional skills
Raj’s recruiting team takes the time to measure a candidate’s talent by using brain teasers and follow up questions to evaluate a candidate’s ability to solve various business issues. Raj says that during an interview they don’t have a particular skill they are looking for, but their primary focus is on the different skills that a candidate demonstrates.

3. Using a company’ s employees to gauge candidates
Afterward, candidates who demonstrate exceptional skills are given a chance to interact with the company’s employees. The employees will assess if the candidates are worth working with them. If more employees recommend a candidate, then that candidate is chosen to joining their team.

Besides being an established business person, Raj Fernando also supports various charitable organizations in United States. Some of them include Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Holocaust Museum, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and PAWS Chicago. In his free time, he loves working out or playing guitar.

From Digital Evolution To Xprize: Eric Pulier’s Career

Software developer and philanthropist Eric Pulier believes in young people changing the world. That’s what Xprize, the organization he serves on the board of innovation for is all about. X-prize hosts competitions that encourage young up and coming entrepreneurs to come up with ideas for how a technological patent can change lives in the future. There are special cases for how it’s done, but the organization has already partnered up with some big organizations such as IBM’s Watson, and Team Synergy Moon. Eric Pulier has the pedigree to serve on this board, having made technology developments over the years himself.

Pulier is a graduate of Harvard, earning a degree in English and American literature, but opting to go into the technology world instead. He got into software development, and decided to start an interactive media agency called Digital Evolution. The company changed names several times, but is now currently known as US Interactive Media. Pulier also started up several enterprise cloud computing solutions including Akana, Desktone, and ServiceMesh, and also is author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, and even started up the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Pulier is also a political activist, serving multiple years under former president Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore. He’s been an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative, and also was the leader of “Bridge to the 21st Century.” This was an exhibition to celebrate former President Clinton’s reelection in 1996, and the audience that saw this exhibition was given a glimpse at new patents that would change everyday life in the 21st century.

Pulier also has a heart for young children, as he’s a father of four himself. He helped launch Starbright World in 1998. This was a program that brought virtual reality and video conferencing platforms to children’s hospitals and gave the young patients an inside view of certain chronic illnesses. Pulier also is on the board at The Painted Turtle, a summer camp in California that gives children with handicaps and ailments a chance to enjoy outdoor activities.

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Talk Fusion Wins Major Annual Award

Talk Fusion has been a revolutionary company since entering the communications and technology arena. Recently, Talk Fusion was recognized for its superior achievement, winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. Given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, this is Talk Fusion’s second award of the year from this major company. The criteria for earning this award seeks to honor new and innovative ideas to encourage voice, video, and other means of communications. These new product should greatly change and improve the way people communicate in a variety of forms.

Without a doubt, Talk Fusion has revolutionized the way people communicate. Their new video chat platform allows people to communicate from anywhere to anyone on any platform, including smartphone, desktop, or tablet. People can find their new app on Google Play as well as iTunes. By winning a second award, Talk Fusion has demonstrated that their product is here to stay, as people continue to use and realize the extraordinary improvement their product brings to this space. Many people have downloaded and enjoyed the app since its original release in 2016. Without a doubt, Talk Fusion will have many new and innovative products in their pipeline that are sure to continue to shape the way people communicate in the future.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion builds all-in-one comprehensive communications solutions for both individuals and businesses. With many products similar to their video chat, Talk Fusion has changed the way that business and individuals communicate with each other. Their products not only stand out from the other options, but companies using their products also stand out from the competition. Their products allow individuals to be more dynamic and persuasive on video chat.

Talk Fusion is used in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion even allows 30 day free trials of its product so people can see if they like the product before committing. One of the fastest growing companies in the past decade, it is clear that Talk Fusion has changed the way the world communicates in such a short time. For more information on Talk Fusion and this award, check out this article here.

James Dondero Has Big Plans Coming In The Future

James Dondero is an innovative and highly knowledgeable investor who is known for making big moves and having them pay off well. Highland Capital Management, a company founded by James Dondero in 1993, is one of the leading investment firms in the world today and it was created with the mindset of giving back to the community and helping others through the best advice available and most sound strategies for investing. Along with investment management, the company also deals in hedge funds. James has decades of experience in the field under his belt and is highly capable at reading the coming trends in the market, which is why the company is so sought after, as everyone wants a guarantee at some good profits. James wants to take his passion for investing and using it to help the world.

Highland Capital and James has announced a more dedicated theme towards philanthropic projects in the future. James believes he and the company should be giving back to the community and encourage new expansions in the Dallas area to help it grow. This is why James partnered up with Linda Owen, a renowned figure in Dallas and hard working in the field of charity and philanthropy. She is highly capable at building a portfolio for charity and philanthropic projects, which is what she was signed up for at Highland Capital Management. This partnership also spawned the Highland Dallas foundation, to help support Dallas and Linda’s organization further.

Linda Owen was a former president for the Foundation at Woodal Rodgers Park, and she has always been dedicated to working with the community and giving back to make it a better place. This is why she joined Dondero’s efforts, to help manage the funds and make sure they were properly used and distributed to help others. Most notably the Dallas Foundation saw a large contribution to help her local community.

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Who is Leading Diversant?

The name Diversant and John Goullet are synonymous, but you should know that Diversant is regarded as being one of the absolute top thought leaders when it comes to the financial kingdom. One of the first principles that Diversant stands for is quality, and it’s getting ‘s.them the attention they deserve in the marketplace today.

The leaders that are behind Diversant include:
Gene Waddy
John Goullet
and…Jim Yoshimura

These men are all a part of the leadership board of Diversant. The leadership is a critical part of the growth at Diversant, comprised of leaders in business, finance, and wise counsel. The company credits much of the success to the Principal, John Goullet. With the entrepreneurial spirit, Goullet brought years of experience in the IT field to Diversant in an attempt to help them grow the company.

Goullet’s career was initially in the arena of IT consulting, a much-needed product in the early to mid-90’s. Many companies began outsourcing their IT staff rather than maintaining and IT department, which tipped Goullet off to a wonderful idea. The idea was to start with IT staffing, assisting those businesses that were seeking to cut costs through outsourcing their IT help.

Goullet was able to start and grow his company, Info Technologies into millions, gaining them the number eight spot on Inc’s. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies. This was welcome news for both Goullet as well as those who worked closely with him. Goullet believes that he can help promote and grow the IT industry and bring welcome change for all companies that are struggling with their IT staffing.

FreedomPop Helped Me Cut Expenses


FreedomPop is a great company that has made cell phone service free for the masses. That is the reason that so many people have become fans of this company. There are a lot of accolades that are shown through the FreedomPop review comments. People that are signing up for this service are impressed with what is available. It has become the type of company that is giving people access to a way that can totally banish a cell phone bill altogether. This is something that is quite amazing for people that may have been paying large amounts of money for cell phone service in the past.

There is no shortage of people that are in need of free cell phone service. This is a company that has managed to become a true staple to all that are trying to revive their budgets. I discovered this company when I was fed up with paying the crazy amounts of money that I was paying for family plans. I didn’t see the logic in paying a fortune for cell phone calls because I was barely using the phone for calls. All that I do is text. I also am on the wireless for my house quite a bit. I didn’t need a huge data plan. I could get by easily and still have more than enough data to carry me into another month. It made sense for me to get involved with FreedomPop and see what this company was about.

I was very impressed with the fact that I didn’t have to sign up for a data plan contract. I also did not have to put a lot of time into trying to find out anything about buying a phone. I could keep my old phone. I thought that this was awesome. It makes me feel good to know that there are some companies out there that are not trying to take advantage of customers. I have seen how this company has managed to become a leader in cell phone service. I think that there are some major competitors out there that are advertising on television, but I found FreedomPop through social media. There are no commercials – to my knowledge – about FreedomPop services, but people need to do their research. There is a lot of money to be saved with this company. You cannot beat free voice and data services.

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David J. Osio attained his degree in International Banking Law at Catholic University which is among the leading colleges in Venezuela and Latin America. He started his profession after graduation in 1981. Mr. Osio became the President and Chief Executive Officer of OPED Enterprise Company. He was in charge of coffee export programs. Letco Commercial Companies later hired him. Mr. Osio job was to structure marketing programs for several manufacturing products in the United States. He began his experience in banking law when he joined a law firm in Caracas. His responsibilities were to deal with corporate customers such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Mr. Osio later became the leader of Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami due to his experience in banking. He was promoted after two years. Mr. Osio then became the vice president of commercial banking which strengthened the position of the bank globally.

Davos Financial Group (DFG) of companies was initiated in 1993 by David Osio. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the firm. The corporation is located in Venezuela. Mr. Osio has been devoted to offering financial advice to his clients. The level of income produced has increased and also in a short period the business has expanded tremendously due to his active leadership. Mr. Osio has since created self-governing and licensed companies in not only Geneva and New York but also Miami and Panama cities.

Mr. Osio has been motivated to promote a corporate social duty. He is a constant traitor of non-profit organizations. Mr. Osio major goal is to support individuals in need with art and music as well as medical research in the community. He has facilitated Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) foundation as well as donating to the Wayuu Taya Foundation. He also played a crucial role in supporting the Saludarte Foundation of Art located in Miami and Carlos Cruz-Diez the new exhibition in the United States. Mr. Osio also supports the international foundation like the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation where he has traditionally sponsored the EPK events annually. He also aids UMA Foundation and Fundana Foundation among others.

He continually has led his companies with intelligence. Mr. Osio has received international awards for his responsibility. He received a medal of South Florida Business Leaders 2009 and Movers and Shakers 2009 medal. New Europe magazine awarded Mr. Osio as the best offshore corporate service Provider and Miami Award Winner as best consulting firm 2014.

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Labaton Sucharow Client Awarded the Second Largest Monetary Award in SEC Whistleblower Program

The Labaton Sucharow LLP, which is credited to being the first practice that established a fully dedicated practice to represent SEC Whistleblowers, has had its client awarded the second largest monetary award. The whistleblower was represented by a team led by renowned SEC Whistleblower attorney, Jordan Thomas, got an over $17 million monetary award for exposing wrongdoings that are significant in the financial services industry. This award to the client represented by Labaton Sucharow firm was the second largest ever since the SEC Whistleblower program was started six years ago. This program permits whistleblowers that are eligible to get between 10% and 30% of all the monetary sanctions netted in a successful enforcement.
The whistleblower client offered high quality information which was relied upon in making sanctions against a huge player in the industry. The whistleblower ought to be anonymous to avoid blacklisting and retaliation. The SEC does not also reveal the cases where whistleblowers offer help to prevent the indirect revealing of the whistleblower’s identity. Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC Whistleblower lawyer and also chair of the firm’s Whistleblower Representation Practice predicted that many more brave whistleblowers will come forward to report any wrongdoings and this was just the genesis. Jordan also represented the first ever employee to get the whistleblower award. He has also worked in another case where an employer was successfully charged for retaliating against a whistleblower.
About the SEC Whistleblower Program
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enactment by Congress in 2010 gave rise to the SEC Whistleblower Program. This program offers significant financial incentives and employment protections for individuals who need to report possible violations of federal securities law to the SEC. Under the program’s rules, SEC is supposed to pay the eligible whistleblowers 10-30% of the monetary sanctions that are successful and actions in which the sanctions collected exceed $1 million. If the threshold is met then the whistleblowers are also supposed to get some additional awards based on successful sanctions by other law enforcement and regulatory organizations.
This Act also prohibits any form of retaliation by the employers against any whistleblower who report to the SEC in pursuance with the program rules. Whistleblowers can be able to make reports on possible security violations anonymously if they are represented by an attorney. Whistleblowers are able to contact the Whistleblower Representation Team in a number of ways like email, telephone or electronic submission using its website. The consultations and case evaluations are usually free, protected by advocate-client privilege and confidential.